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“The combination of long-duration search capabilities, secure operation and an extended antenna together with tailormade sensor technology can make tethered drones a very valuable asset in our maritime search and rescue operations.”
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Jeroen Kodde


CableCopter is an innovation project between Delft Dynamics, DRONExpert and Aeret. Focus is to develop a safe, all weather tethered drone system, easy to deploy by its users.

Each projectpartner adds their own expertise:

Delft Dynamics has extensive drone-R&D experience, develops drone systems (including autopilots & all software) in-house. Furthermore they have an RPAS Operator Certificate and a very good relationship with drone regulators.

DRONExpert has drone-R&D capabilities combined with expertise in customization of high end drone systems.

Aeret adds their expertise in drone-data analysis, webbased GIS (geographic information system) and mapping solutions.


CableCopter is a versatile system with its focus on safety. The system is capable of carrying multiple sensors which are easy to exchange. 

The system is tethered which means power and data will run via the cable. The risk for fly-aways is minimized while a safe (sensitive) data-tranfer is guaranteed.

Because the system is powered via the cable there is no need to switch batteries.

During this project all of the developed hardware components will be subjected to extensive testing. 



CableCopter can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Safety & Security
  • Maritime / Coastguard
  • Defence
  • Firefighters 
  • Crowdcontrol

Video: Demonstration CableCopter

Specs CableCopter



Safety is one of the key components during this project. We want to guarantee CableCopters users a safe flight. Because of the tethered solution the risk of fly-aways is reduced to zero.


Multiple Sensors

To meet the requests of our potential users, CableCopter offers a high diversity in sensor payloads. From the 30x optical zoom EO sensor combined with a thermal camera to an NDVI sensor.


Flight time

Power and data-transfer will be transmitted via a custom-made cable. Therefore CableCopter offers a much longer flight-time than battery powered systems and a secure data-transfer is guaranteed.


Easy to deploy

CableCopter is easy to use and can be deployed within minutes. It’s possible to fly behind or in front of a moving vehicle or a ship in motion. The advanced winching system will keep the right tension on the cable.


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